Here in the UK, nutrition coaching is still relatively new, and certainly way behind the ubiquity and popularity of personal training. In fact, I’d never even heard of nutrition coaching until it was mentioned to me by my first nutrition studies tutor back in 2021 (to whom I’m extremely grateful).

So why might I need a nutrition coach?

Well, we all know how to move, but we wouldn’t hesitate to work with a PT to improve our fitness.

Similarly, we all know how to eat, but if our diet or weight is holding us back from feeling fabulous, it makes sense to get specialist support. This is especially true when we have spent years losing then gaining weight, moving from one miracle diet to the next, ultimately being let down by all of them because they never do the one thing that will make all the difference: address the underlying habits, thoughts and behaviours behind overeating or negative eating patterns.

I work with clients facing a range of issues with their nutrition, from dealing with high cholesterol, pre-diabetes or PCOS, to loss of appetite after illness or choosing a more healthy plant-based diet. My own history of dieting and disordered eating (read my story here: led me to specialise in helping others to break the destructive, frustrating cycle of yo-yo dieting and achieve the sensible, sustainable weight loss that has felt out of reach for so long.

If you’ve struggled with your weight for a while and been let down by countless diets, why is working with me going to be any different?

  • We are a team: you set the goals, the pace and the steps you want to take, I’m here to help you with it all
  • We get the foundations right, so you won’t need, or want, to do a crash diet again
  • Every client is unique: any actions you take are in line with your preferences and lifestyle
  • We find realistic, sensible, healthy ways to build positive habits
  • We celebrate all of your wins, building confidence, knowledge and autonomy
  • You have dedicated, non-judgemental support and advice for as long as you want it

Sounds great, but surely major habit change like this takes time?

Absolutely. Sometimes clients are in a position to have an initial quick-start session then carry on by themselves. In most cases, not least with significant fat-loss goals, we work together for 12 weeks at first, with many clients choosing to continue coaching beyond that, for months or even years. This ongoing support and accountability is invaluable, and the client-coach relationship is something I value enormously.

Is Nutrition Coaching right for me?

Great question. It’s right for you if:

  • You are ready to be open and honest about your food habits
  • You are prepared to try something different
  • You are happy to invest time and money into your health and wellbeing
  • You understand the this isn’t a quick-fix weight loss solution – you’ll need to be patient and trust the process
  • You don’t mind being nudged or challenged to help you keep moving forwards
  • You are willing to push yourself to try new things
  • You hate the thought of another 20 years in slimming clubs, drinking meal replacement shakes or following restrictive, miserable diets

The only way to find out if coaching with me could be what you are looking for is for us to have a chat. We can both tell pretty quickly if we’re on the same page and are going to work well together. There’s no rush for you to make a decision – it has to feel right for you, and I appreciate that you are putting a lot of trust in me.

I always enjoy speaking to people about diet and nutrition (tbh, I just really like speaking to people full stop!), so if you have a spare 20 minutes and have any questions, it would be a pleasure to chat.