You’ve had enough of endless dieting, fads, restrictions and food rules, and you’re not prepared to spend any more time losing and gaining those same kilos.
Nutrition coaching helps you to break away from damaging diet culture and to lose weight whilst treating yourself more kindly.
Kate Houldsworth Nutrition Coach

Sessions can be in-person in my welcoming coaching room near Basingstoke, online via video call or over the phone, at flexible times to fit around your other commitments.

Fad-Free Breakthrough – £199

Since that initial session, I have made real progress– Emma Ponting

What is Breakthrough?

Breakthrough is a 90-minute in-depth conversation to discuss what is important to you and to share ideas to get you started with making positive changes to your diet.

This session will help you to:

  • reflect on your dieting history
  • understand reasons for your weight loss struggles
  • focus on your personal priorities for health & weight loss
  • set realistic, achievable weight loss goals
  • identify potential barriers to success
  • feel better straight away with simple Quick Start actions

After the session you will be sent summary notes including targets and action points to help you to get started. We’ll also have a follow-up call a week later to see how you are getting on.

Fad-Free 1:1 Coaching – £899*

*(paid in full in advance or in 3 x monthly payments of £360)

Kate Houldsworth Nutrition Coach

“I am grateful to Kate for changing my relationship with food and refocusing me on the basics of nutrition.

It feels like this really is the start of shifting patterns formed over a lifetime.”

Laura Turnidge

Fad-Free 1:1 is a highly personalised, premium nutrition coaching programme, developed to help you to feel lighter, healthier and finally able to enjoy a diet-free life.

What is Fad-Free 1:1?

The Fad-Free 1:1 programme consists of:

  • a 90-minute Breakthrough session, with the option of a personalised, practical, appealing meal plan
  • 3 x 60-minute weekly nutrition coaching sessions to get you started with building new habits & behaviours
  • 4 x 60-minute fortnightly sessions as your confidence and autonomy develop

You also have a mid-session accountability check-in by text or email and ongoing background support whenever you need it.

The Coaching Sessions

These sessions always begin with celebrating your successes and reviewing any challenges. We then take time to examine any areas which might have held you back in the past so that you can build the foundations for lasting future fat loss.

These might include ways to:

  • end the restrict-binge cycle
  • find freedom from emotional eating
  • turn down the “food noise” in your head
  • practise new positive habits
  • benefit from simple meal planning
  • manage stress
  • improve activity levels
  • still enjoy family time and a social life!

“Kate worked with me with extreme patience and compassion. I was totally confused by all the different eating plans about but Kate simplified it all and gave me fantastic guidance when I was struggling. Sarah Holmes

Fad-Free Future: ongoing coaching

It takes time to build new healthy habits and positive food behaviours, especially after years trapped in the yo-yo cycle.

Like many of my clients, you might choose to continue with regular coaching after finishing Fad-Free 1:1, so you can enjoy ongoing support, advice and accountability as you move towards your fat loss goal.

6 Sessions – £450
  • 6 x 45 minute online sessions, to be taken within 6 months of sign up
  • Flexible frequency to fit around your schedule
  • Payment in full, in advance
12 Sessions – £750
  • 12 x 45 minute online sessions, to be taken within 12 months of sign up
  • Flexible frequency to fit around your schedule
  • Option of 2 x monthly payments of £400

“Kate is the kindest, most relaxed and down to earth nutrition coach. I felt very comfortable talking to her and her advice, beyond super useful and spot on, was heartfelt. Our session left me feeling more confident about my weight loss journey and somehow in control of my health.”