What my clients say…

  • “I have struggled with eating for most of my adult life, I have never really eaten well, snacks and convenience food were always my first choice. After working with Kate, it has been transformational, with her expert friendly guidance, her constant positive reinforcement of the small changes I was making , I finally feel that I am now in control of food.

    Kate supported every step of the way for me on the journey to enjoying the right food. Her support also allowed me to understand that when I do eat “easy” food , to not lose sight of all the good I have been doing.

    I feel healthier, in control and overall, a lot happier. This is down to Kate and her support. I cannot thank her enough.”

    Shaun B, Hampshire

  • “I reached out to Kate for support after drastically losing my appetite following a bout of Covid. I had lost all interest in food and was really struggling with fatigue and lack of energy as a result of Covid, but I recognised that my poor appetite was also contributing to these after effects.
    From the very first telephone contact with Kate she was helpful, supportive and constructive, and during our face to face session she gave me so many wonderfully helpful ideas on how to gradually supplement my diet with food choices which were, amongst other things, high protein and high energy. I also learned about hunger hormones – a revelation!
    Since that initial session, I have made real progress and the speed of my recovery has vastly improved.
    I would totally recommend Kate to anyone who wants sensible, clear and helpful nutrition guidance from a very kind, caring and supportive professional!
    Thank you Kate, for all your help!”

    Emma P, Hampshire

  • “Kate worked with me with extreme patience and compassion. I was totally confused by all the different eating plans about but Kate simplified it all and gave me fantastic guidance when I was struggling. Always so encouraging and I will genuinely miss out chats. I can highly recommend this service to help you get started on your lifestyle change”

    Sarah H, Sheffield

  • “Thanks to Kate I am well on my way to loosing 10kg as well getting my cholesterol down. I thoroughly enjoyed my two- weekly sessions which were full of positivity and plenty of ideas to help me gradually improve my diet and wellbeing.
    Keep up the great work and thank you.”

    Stuart C, Winchester

  • “10/10 – Having the weekly sessions with Kate was enjoyable and Kate gave me a number of tips to help with all aspects of my health, from diet, to exercise to sleep. [Kate is] very knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. Definitely recommend.”

    Abi H-C, Poole

  • “To boldly achieve what was thought unachievable!!!

    A gentle ease towards some lifestyle change and a healthier me! Really great Kate, the typically cynical me is persuaded, and the main message for me is key: the odd fail is not the end of the world, and celebrate the wins;. Removing the starve then binge lifestyle has been a big challenge but I’m getting there, and feel way more confident about pushing on. If you said to me previously, I’d have to behave for 3 months, in my mind I’d actually have the barriers up, but now, I can see myself still on track months down the road.”

    Simon G, Winchester
  • “[The coaching has been] invaluable, in particular being held to account (in a lovely way) and discussing why I make certain choices. I honestly could not have got to this stage without Kate. I would definitely recommend her”.

    Catherine Mc, Hampshire

  • “Kate was just the right person to go through and work with me on my nutrition – I was looking for someone to help with getting a routine and eating food that didn’t react badly with my inflammation.  Having been so thorough and patient, Kate has allowed me to thrive and feel so much better in such a short period of time.”

    Richard B, Surrey