Fed up with diets? Confused about what you should be eating?

You’re not alone. Despite a lot of nonsense out there about nutrition, eating well is actually fairly simple – but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

Through our coaching sessions, I am able to really get to know you. Your dieting history, your current relationship with food, your lifestyle… And of course, to understand the goals you have for your weight, health, nutrition and general wellbeing.

We then work together to achieve those goals in the ways that work best for you. There is no judgement and no guilt: just support, encouragement and yes, accountability!

How did I get here?

I love food, I like to eat and I like to enjoy it.

I also understand how it feels to get nutrition and dieting “wrong”.

For almost 25 years, I was stuck in a cycle of disordered eating, with periods of restriction interspersed with episodes of binging. I had a library of diet books and tried (unsuccessfully) to stick to countless different weight-loss regimes. I was always looking for the holy grail that would finally “fix” things. The sad thing was that in all those years, I was never actually overweight, just stuck in the grip of diet culture and trying to cope with a poor body image.

After leaving my teaching career and retraining to qualify as a a certified Level 4 Nutrition Coach with the highly-regarded BTN Academy, everything changed.

For the first time in years, I could see through the pseudo-science and the celebrity-endorsed diets. I learnt that restricted eating fuels binging – what a lightbulb moment!

Crucially, I now understood the importance of an evidence-based approach to diet, and the role our brain plays in the foods we choose.

I left the negative eating behaviours behind and was at last able to quieten the constant backdrop of “food noise” that had soundtracked the last two decades.

I’ve maintained a steady weight ever since, and am so much kinder to myself. I learnt to see my diet as an expression of self-care, not a form of punishment. Now it’s such a joy to help others to find their way to that place too.

Lasting fat loss depends on understanding the choices we make (and why), the way we feel about food, how we grew up, the impact of our emotions, our changing hormones and more.

With Fad-Free, there’s no place for guilt or judgement, and no more quick-fixes: just loads of support, sound advice and celebration – you deserve it!