“A delightful and engaging presenter with thought provoking content and useful practical ideas”
P West, “Dealing with Emotional Eating” talk

Nutrition affects every area of our lives: at home, at school, at work and in our leisure activities.

If you are looking to support employee wellbeing, encourage healthier habits in the workplace or promote healthy eating within your organisation, let’s have a chat about how a nutrition talk can help!

“Kate is a great speaker, very engaging, plenty of tips and info, definitely recommend one of her talks”
T Stiles, “Love Food, Eat Well, Feel Great” talk

It’s always exciting to deliver talks about great nutrition, and these can be tailored to your particular requirements or area of interest.

Recent talks have included:

  • “Levelling the Rollercoaster – maintaining steady energy levels throughout the working day” (Clockwise Offices, Southampton)
  • “Fat Loss Foundations: 5 essentials for sustainable fat loss” (Winchester GP, Winchester)
  • “Nutrition for Young Athletes” (Coaches at Basingstoke & Mid-Hants Athletics Club)
  • “Nutrition in Later Life” (Shawford Springs Care Home, Shawford)
  • “School Dinners: sustenance for school staff” (Cranbourne School, Basingstoke; The Henry Beaufort School, Winchester)

“A highly engaging speaker, Kate combines her nutritional qualifications and experience with entertaining war stories of her own from the often whacky and misguided world of weight control through the years!”
 Gemma Willsher Practice Manager, Winchester GP